I am a choreographer and dancer. I’m a millennial. I make dances to help make sense of the world around me, and in turn help others make sense of the world around them. As our lives increasingly take place in digital spheres, divorced from our bodies and emotions, I use movement, sound, space, time, and costume to create performance experiences that are sometimes wrenching and sometimes hilarious, but always a catalyst for catharsis. My movement vocabulary draws from contemporary and postmodern western concert dance, is deeply influenced by my 13 year practice of lindy hop and authentic jazz, and maintains an ongoing negotiation with my early classical ballet training. Regardless of what else I’m investigating, my choreographic practice asks, “Can I extricate ballet completely from my body? And if not, how can I learn to find peace with its imprints?” This negotiation in turn has led me to consider larger questions of how identity is created and recreated and to make work that induces and holds space for emotional release and imagining alternative realities.